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February 6, 2015
Xfinity Home App at the

Went to live chat and asked about an updated version of Xfinity Home Security App. this was the response:

Reina May: We are proud of our Customer Guarantee, which includes being here for you, 24/7! Let's take a look at what's going on with your service and get that resolved for you. I do hope that you did not wait too long in the queue and that your day is going well.

Patrick: My Issue: mobile app is not compatible with adroid 4.0 when will this problem be resolved?

Reina May: I understand that you have issues with the mobile application which you want to have in your Android device.

Reina May: My apologies for the frustration this issue has caused you. Do not worry. You have reached the correct department. I'm going to do everything I can to resolve this with you today.

Reina May: May I know which mobile application are you referring to?

Reina May: Is it the Xfinity Connect mobile application?

Patrick: Xfinity Home Security

Reina May: Thank you for clarifying, Patrick. Would you mind waiting for a minute or two while I check my resources for information about the supported devices for the Xfinity Home Security as well as check if there is any update on this?

Patrick: ok

Reina May: Thank you.

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Reina May: Thank you for waiting patiently!

Reina May: I have double checked my resources and I see that at this time, only Android 2.3 up to Android 2.3.7 is compatible with the Xfinity Home Security application, Patrick.

Patrick: When will it be updated if ever?

Reina May: Do not worry, Patrick, our product team is constantly working on improving our services to make the best experience possible. There is no definite date on when any update on the application will be available or ready for public use.

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