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June 30, 2016
Arlo is a battery-powered
wireless ip camera

So how do you determine which wireless IP camera suits your needs?

Firstly, establish what you need. Many buyers often don’t really know which type of wireless IP camera suites and would satisfy their needs. As a result, they get sucked into buying wireless IP cameras that are beyond what they need.

Before clicking or picking on that item to buy, always ask yourself: what conditions will the camera be located in? (Hallway, outdoor, low light or bright); what precision of data do you want to capture? (HD images with or without audio) and most importantly, what is your budget?

Secondly, another essential feature to consider before getting yourself a wireless IP camera is the pan and tilt range. Of course, this feature will depend on the environment where you intend to use the camera. A wide pan and tilt range is never a bad thing.

Thirdly, zooming capability of the wireless IP camera is also vital. Ensure that you check the type of zooming capability, whether its optical or digital. Most of the IP cameras in the market are digital, but you’ll never fail to find one with optical zoom.

Foscam FI9821WThis feature becomes crucial depending on the environment you want the camera to focus on. If the distance between the camera’s location and environment is far apart, you better opt for one with optical zoom capability.

Fourth, test the equipment before purchase. This is vital, especially when you are buying from your local electronic store. Always request for a test setup as this will enable you to determine the picture quality of the camera. In addition, it will give you an opportunity to learn how to set up the equipment in a proper manner to ensure that you get the best image and audio quality.

TRENDnet Wireless Surveillance Camera

Are you looking for a lovely home security camera in 2016 that will capture the data you need with precision? Well, TRENDnet has you sorted with TRENDnet TV-IP672WI.

This cool gadget features 7.5 meters night vision indoors, which is perfect for capturing data when it’s pitch dark; has 2-way audio and pan 340 degree side to side plus a 115 degree tilt up and down to ensure that the data is captured no matter the angle.

Foscam FI9821W

This is one of Foscam’s top-end model packed with superior night vision and HD video though it’s slightly smaller at 1280 x 700 resolution.

This model is easily accessible on iPhone, Android and even Blackberry Apps.

A downside to this model is the zooming capability, which is a bit difficult to use. Unfortunately, there is no control over how much you can zoom.

DropCam HD

This gadget features HD video quality, 2 way audio, motion detection and alerts. A major advantage with DropCam HD is the setup process which has been made very simple. It’s such a breeze compared to other competitive brands.

Source: securitycamerawifi.com
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