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July 18, 2015
4 Reasons Landlords Should

“All the bells and whistles for a lot less money”

“They’re cheaper and don’t require hardwiring like traditional services do. You’ll be alerted by phone, text message, or email if a door or window is opened.”

“David vs Goliath, SimpliSafe vs ADT: SimpliSafe aims to upstage their larger rivals by giving consumers what they really want. Even without fancy marketing, word is spreading.”

“Ideal for people who may not want to wire up their security systems or poke holes in wallboard…SimpliSafe makes it easier to build an intelligent living space.”

A deserving winner of our Editors’ Choice Award: SimpliSafe protects your home in a way that’s comprehensive and yet also remarkably user-friendly. It’s thoughtfully designed for better, smarter home security. You can count on SimpliSafe...an outstanding value.”

“SimpliSafe shuns the long-term service contracts often required by alarm companies.”

“The intruder tried to avoid being caught by destroying the SimpliSafe alarm, but the dispatch center was alerted as soon as he entered the apartment. Laurans observed, ‘Even if the bad guys do take a baseball bat to it, it’s too late.’”

“Wireless Wonders: SimpliSafe is an affordable, but full-featured, wireless security system similar to the expensive, professionally installed ones.”

Rating: Strong Recommend (the highest rating): “This is a system anyone could setup in under 30 minutes...If you’ve got a car alarm, using the SimpliSafe system will come as naturally and easily. All sensor units come prepared with removable adhesive backs (the 3M variety that adheres well, but removes easily).”

“Some things can keep you tethered to landline service, such as your home’s security system. Not so with SimpliSafe Inc.”

SimpliSafe was featured in Elle Decor’s top punchlist.

“There’s no minimum contract, it’s totally wireless, and it arrives at your doorstep pre-programmed.”

“SimpliSafe offers wireless, plug-and-play security for urban dwellers—increasingly being used in the era of disappearing land lines.”

“This ingenious security system uses wireless technology...”

“Security Doesn’t Get Any Easier. Setup took less than 15 minutes from start to finish and drastically improved my peace of mind.”

“SimpliSafe is our idea of not getting robbed.”

“I really like the SimpliSafe security system for its easy setup, expandability, custom setup options and ability to move with you if you relocate. I think the price for the system is really affordable when you compare it to other security systems on the market. It gets a thumbs up from me.”

“SimpliSafe is an affordable, full-featured wireless alarm system you can take with you whenever you move. It’s linked to an emergency dispatch center, and there is no minimum contract. The product arrives pre-programmed and setup takes only 15 minutes.”

Source: simplisafe.com
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