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August 19, 2018
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Many hardwired systems will rely on one plastic phone cord in order to send out alarm signals. The only thing burglars need to disarm expensive hardwired alarm systems are a pair of scissors. It doesn’t make you feel that safe, does it? Also, wireless alarm systems are very versatile. Here are 5 uses of wireless security systems:

Put Sensors Anywhere

With a hardwired system, it may be difficult to place motion detectors right where you require them. Occasionally, it just isn’t possible to run a wire within the right area. Wireless sensors will be different. Since there isn’t any drilling or wires to deal with, it’s possible to put them right where you require them. You even can place sensors in areas in which burglars least suspect to find them, such as inside a jewelry box, drawer or cabinet.

Track Snoopers

A wireless security system may connect to a computer or smartphone for simple remote monitoring. It makes it simple to keep track of snoopers. Do you have a feeling that your houseguest or roommate is snooping around the house? Some systems allow you to set private alerts upon certain sensors. For instance, it’s possible to put a sensor on the bedroom door. If a sensor is triggered as you are away, you immediately will receive a text alert or private email. Even if nobody is snooping in the room, setting alerts allow you to know if somebody has gotten inside your personal safe, gun cabinet, or additional sensitive place in your residence.

The Only Option for Renters

A wireless alarm system is the ideal option for renters. There isn’t any messy holes or drilling in the wall. Therefore, you do not need to be concerned with losing your security deposit merely to keep your property protected. As you are prepared to move, take your system with you! It just takes a couple of minutes to set up or take down wireless systems. If you’re able to hang a photo on the wall, you may put in wireless security systems.

Outbuildings, Detached Garages, and Burglar-Proof Sheds

Most people have detached garages, sheds, or additional outbuildings which require protection. These places often are out of the range of a hardwired security system. As batteries power wireless sensors within wireless systems, they may be put into places in which there isn’t any electrical accessibility. You may develop a security system from scratch in order to protect all structures in your residence.

Protect Your Mobile Home or RV

Most traditional home security providers will not service RVs or mobile homes. Therefore, if you travel or live in an RV or mobile home, wireless security systems are no-fuss ways to protect your home and family.

Home Alone was funny. Being home when someone breaks into your home is not. What are you supposed to do in that situation? Or better yet, what are you NOT supposed to do in that situation?

What To Do:

1. Get Somewhere Safe. If you have small children in the house, get to them quickly and quietly. If not get yourself somewhere safe. If you can, get out of the house. If you cannot, get somewhere with a lock on the door. Try to not give away your location.

2. Call 911. Tell the Police as quietly and calmly what is happening and that you are in the house. They are trained to know how to help you.

3. Try to Remain Calm. If you panic, you are not helping yourself and you are certainly not helping the police. Take deep breaths and try to stay quiet.

What NOT To Do:

1. Yell Out. Do not let the burglar know that you are home or that you are calling the police. This will just alert the burglar to your presence and send them into a panic.

2. Grab a Weapon. If you are yielding a weapon, and you’re scared, chances are you’re not going to hurt anyone but yourself. Unless you are a trained professional. Put down the weapon.

The best thing to remember is to remain calm and wait for the Police. They are trained to know what to do in these situations. The earlier the detection, the better chances of safety for you and your family, and the earliest detection is an wireless alarm system like the Tattletale.

. The tattletale alarm system provides a new home security: protect everything in your home simply, effectively, and set-up in only 30 seconds. You won’t have to mess with the hassle of cables, wires, and waiting for technicians during installation. The tattletale gives you protection right out of the box.

The tattletale is the top of the line portable security system, take it with you wherever you go. Whether you’re moving to a new apartment, dorm room, or house, or if you’re traveling on a vacation or business trip, you can take your security with you. It is also the perfect solution to construction sites.

To use, simply:

- Take the tattletale out of the box
- Plug it into an outlet
- Follow the on-screen instructions to turn it on
- Input your email and cell phone number

The tattletale can target specific areas of your home or RV with the right sensors such as door and window sensors, smoke protectors, and motion sensors. Little-to-no tools are required to install these wireless sensors. Just follow the on-screen instructions to activate your sensors with the touch of a button. The tattletale even has a function for pets, so that they may move around without triggering the alarm. If the device is touched, moved, or tampered with, the tattletale’s Rattlesnake Technology will alert you. A key fob and an app allow you to arm, disarm, or activate a panic alarm when necessary.

Most burglaries start from the garage area of the home. Garages often contain several doors, windows and expensive items like cars and equipment. Keeping your garage, and thus your home, safe can be made easier with these 5 simple tips.

1. Locks. Simple enough, yet the most common way garages and homes are broken into. There are several doors leading into a garage, make sure to check and double check those commonly unused doors that may have been left open by mistake.

2. Windows. Be sure to lock windows and to keep a secondary method of security, like bars, around garage windows. Also important is covering windows or having frosted windows to keep out peering eyes, as most burglars will look into windows searching for expensive items they may want to break in for.

3. Lights. Installing a bright light near your garage can keep out unwanted guests. Motion detected lights can save you energy and be an added protection as well. Keeping your garage and areas near garage doors well lit is an important yet very simple safety measure.

4. Door. The door leading from your garage into your home should be as strong and durable as your front door. Burglars see this door as the weak area of the home, something that can easily be kicked in or broken into. Make sure this door is strong.

Follow these simple tips at all times and as always use caution and common sense when it comes to home security.

Source: www.tattletale.com
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