Commercial Security cameras for Sale

January 31, 2017
Fisheye Megapixel IP Dome


Product Type

3 years

DVRs, NVRs, and IP Cameras

2 years

Analog Cameras

1 year


We stand behind our products 100%, which is why we have some of the best warranties in our industry.

If a product is defective, we will repair or replace it.

Shop around; you won't find a better warranty than ours.

Free System Design

Some jobs can get complicated.

Our techs are here to help you build the perfect system for your customers.

We’ll walk through the entire plan with you, picking the right cameras and equipment to make sure your new system is exactly what you need.

Commercial CCTV Systems' Bulk Discounts

If you are interested in a quote for a commercial Surveillance System or any large order, the best way of getting a quote is through personal contact. Feel free to call us on our toll free line or email us at [email protected] The prices listed on the site are for single item orders, we can often pass on rather large savings to our Commercial clients by bulk pricing.

Advance Replacement

Our advance replacement program will send you a new device (cameras, DVR, or accessory) before you have to send back your other device, if one of our technicians has determined that your unit is defective, needs replacement, and is still within warranty.

You will not be charged for the new device.

Free Shipping
As long as you spend $250 or more,
We'll ship it to you free with UPS Ground

View your system over the internet

Types of Commercial CCTV Systems

Commercial applications have large volumes of people, materials, boats, trucks and other high volume transit vehicles constantly in and out of a wide scale area all day and night. We understand that you will need the best and most professional security cameras and security dvr setup to help you effectively manage your operation. We have distributed equipment to hospitals, sea-ports, grocery chains, and warehouse distribution centers.

We know what works and what does not. You need the highest resolution cameras with the ability to adapt to new security demands ans an effective PC based dvr system to archive data and give end-users flexibility to accurately play back and record data needed to help owners streamline their operation. We have a few system package designed to help you save and get the high quality equipment you need.

Tighten Up Security At Commercial Docks & Ports With PTZ Cameras

If your business environment is large, then you are going to want to consider having some PTZ cameras to help effectively manage large areas for potential threats from terrorism, vandalism, theft, and other dangerous situations. If you are moving inventory or large supplies, people will be there to cause problems. We have CCTV consultants that can advice you on what equipment you need and figure out your application and supply you with the equipment.

Commercial Security Cameras, Commercial Surveillance
Commercial Security Cameras, Commercial Surveillance ...
For Sale: 1150 E. Borgfeld - Commercial
For Sale: 1150 E. Borgfeld - Commercial
Commercial CCTV Systems - Security Cameras for Business
Commercial CCTV Systems - Security Cameras for Business
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