Wireless Security Alarm System reviews

July 10, 2016
Simplisafe s system is

Let me start by saying "Be prepared to buy batteries". Over half of the supplied batteries were either dead or swollen & busted open when we received our kit.

This kit has the potential to be a very nice product. Most of my complaints are with the engineering and programming of the system. For instance:

You have a DIALER keypad and the CONTROL panel. On the dialer, you can set recordings for each zone (which is very nice). This way when you are called by the system, it gives you an idea about the area where the sensors were triggered. The problem with this is, the dialer pad does not have a siren built in, and you cannot program it to activate the siren on the control panel. Also, the dialer does not have a "Chime" mode, so you cannot set it to chime when doors are opened and the system is disarmed. Using the sensors with the dialer ONLY gives you ARMED and DISARMED. When a sensor is triggered, there is no audible alarm, it simply calls the numbers and plays the messages.So... if you want an audible alarm AND "Chime" mode, you need to use the Control panel. The problem is, the CONTROL panel sends ONLY one type of signal to the DIALER, in order for it to tell the dialer when to make the calls... So, if you set the controler to "Chime" mode, it signals the dialer, which is NO GOOD! Also, when using the control panel, it does not send ZONE information to the dialer, so all you get is the main message... NO ZONES! What's more, you cannot set the chime mode to a particular zone, so that means it chimes when ANY sensor gives an alert, this includes: motion, door, etc... again, NO GOOD! To sum-up.. if you want an audible alarm, you give up the features of the ZONE messages. If you want a Chime mode, you give up the Dialing feature as well as the zone messages. This could ALL have been a non-issue, IF the system was programmed correctly. I want to also add: the audible alarm on the control pad is not very loud. We also purchased the additional Siren. It beeps about every 5-8 minutes and is annoying as hell, however it is not as loud as we would have liked it to be. Oh yeah... you cannot control the external siren with the Dialer. Like I said in the beginning, this would be a great system, if only it was programmed the right way.


I received this system today and got to work installing it. I am a 67 year old female and I must say it was easier than I thought. So far I have installed the control Panel and two door sensors and both are working properly so far. I have not installed the Motion Sensor yet. deciding where the animals won't trip it I have cable Phone service so I understand I have to get a splitter in order for the Dialer to work properly. Sensor screws are small. I used larger screws and the double face plastic that comes with it. If your framework isn't evenlike mine you can use popsicle sticks behind the sensor. Just trim them to size. The spacers were a little too large for my framework. So far it's worth the money. I'll update if I have a problem.


Good Value. No false triggering. Could use more instructions on the two "modes of operation" and interaction of phone dialer with main controller.


The product was easy to install but the dialer does not call the phone numbers. The alarm stopped working after two days


This is a good starting kit. It was fairly easy to install, works great and smoothly. I've been using this for 5 months now, and I have not had any false alarms. The range works perfectly on one level of my townhouse - haven't tested other levels. Remote control has basic functions and has good range. It was a little difficult programming the automatic phone dialer to work properly at first installation. I modified the door sensors by shaving the extra plastic tabs on them to make them cleaner looking. I like the fact that it is expandable, and I plan to buy extra sensors.


You get what you pay for... it's a good price for a good system. I wouldn't use it as a rigorous security system for my family's protection but it works great as a cheap job site theft deterrent. Easy to setup and inexpensive - bought an extra motion sensor and fob for the foreman.


Easy to install and easy to use! I am very happy this product! 5 stars and highly recommended to all. I would put 10 starts if I could. ;

Chris Amon Steve

Very easy to install, in about an hour, the system is up and running. All sensors are programmed so they work out of the box. The only thing that you need to program is the phone number that you want it to dial when the alarm goes off and the voice message. The rest is pretty simple. Just need to add a few more sensors and I'm all good.

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