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June 23, 2017
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consumer-reports-logo_July_2010What You Want:

Free Equipment

Paying for home security shouldn’t break the bank. But home security systems can be pretty pricy. That’s why it’s best to choose a home security system that comes with free equipment. Look for consumer reports that mention “free equipment” or “free sensors.” This will really save you money on your up-front home security system expenses. You’ll be shocked at how inexpensive it can be to install.

Money-back Service Guarantee

When you sign up for home security, it can be a little scary. You’re taking a home security company at their word—that their equipment will work, that their installer knows what they’re doing, and that the home security system monitoring will help keep you safe. With a money-back service guarantee, you minimize your risk. If anything goes wrong with your equipment or installation, you get your money back.

Same-day Installation

While you’re perusing consumer reports, try to find ones that mention “same-day installation.” This means that you can get your home security system installed the same day you call. If you sign up with a company that does not offer same-day installation, you may be waiting around for an installer to come for days or weeks. Same-day installation means quick, easy, and at your convenience.

What to Avoid:

Shady Contracts

Don’t get caught in a complicated or shady contract. Almost all home security system monitoring companies have minimum service agreements stating the number of months for service and the terms for moving, etc. However, if you notice lots of consumer reports that complain about misleading contracts, then that’s definitely a red flag. Only deal with reputable and honest security system companies.

Up-front Equipment Charges

Watch out for expensive up-front equipment charges. Home security system equipment can be really expensive, and all the equipment you need for your home can add up. Plus, you may have to pay installation/activation charges and a monthly monitoring fee on top of your equipment. To avoid costly up-front charges, find a company that gives you a free home security system when you sign up for monitoring.

Reading through consumer reports can feel like aimlessly wandering unless you know what to look for. When comparing home security system companies, keep the above points in mind. One home security system company that offers free* equipment, a money-back service guarantee, same-day installation, and clear contracts is Protect Your Home, which offers ADT Monitoring. For more information, visit .

Source: homesecurityexperts.com
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