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April 29, 2016
4ch cheap home security camera

Wholesale Wireless Security Camera System - Low Price, Pro Quality

Demand for security cameras and surveillance equipment has never been higher. CCTV and wireless systems are increasingly being employed for a wide variety of uses, from crime prevention to transport safety. Chinavasion's wireless security camera systems incorporate the latest and most advanced surveillance and monitoring technology and are installed and trusted around the world. From discrete mini-cameras to professional grade vandal-proof outdoor systems, we offer a one-stop shop for surveillance equipment that can help maintain public security, protect private property and tackle crime. In the past year, customers have purchased our high quality yet affordable products for a wide variety of uses including public area safety, shop CCTV, warehouse and factory security, university campus monitoring and data gathering.

What's Included In The Surveillance / Security Product Line-Up?

Our products include baby monitors and door video systems, long range walkie-talkie sets, LED lighting, voice recorders, forensic UV lights, CCTV cameras and finger-print door systems. So whether you want a cute baby monitor with night vision and A/V out or a complete 8-camera surveillance kit with night vision security cameras and a 1TB hard drive for video recording, we have a product to match your needs.

Today's surveillance and security equipment is increasingly easy to install, and the digital technology used in many of our systems means that you can integrate IP cameras and other surveillance devices with your PC, smartphone, tablet or TV.

With high function count and low prices, our security and surveillance products have a wide appeal, whether you are an individual looking for affordable home security or a retailer wanting to source quality products that will fly off the shelves. As with all products from Chinavasion, our entire range of surveillance and security equipment is stocked in our warehouse and ready to ship to you next day. Quality is guaranteed. Look out for our wholesale discounts and special offers to pick up a bargain!

Security Kit For Businesses

As a boss, you want to be fair to your employees but you don't want to be taken for granted either. Being certain when your employees are clocking on and off means you can ensure you are paying a fair wage for a fair day's work. You can easily manage and record the exact time an employee has worked per day with our Fingerprint Time Attendance System (CVKG-J89). Using a finger print as a way of identification makes clocking in and out easy for everyone and eliminates the possibility of co-workers clocking in for each other. The system can store up to 1, 000 different fingerprints and 60, 000 clocking records, which can be easily retrieved on a USB drive.

You've worked hard to turn your convenience store into a profitable business, growing your customer base and ensuring you have the right stock attractively displayed. It's a profitable shop, and you want to keep it that way. But you can't be there to guard it 24 hours a day and you can't afford to employ a security guard either. A wireless security camera system, such as a four-camera security system, could be the next best thing. Easy to install and use, you could point one camera at the cash register, another facing your customers, have one at the back where the wine and beer is kept and place one in the store room. You can record the video output day and night thanks to infra red sensors and a 1TB DVR. The possibilities are endless, as is the peace of mind from knowing you've got eyes everywhere and the digital evidence to present to the authorities should trouble arise.

How to install a security camera with recordercheap!
How to install a security camera with!
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Cheap Security Camera DVR System Part 1
Cheap Security Camera Review
Cheap Security Camera Review
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