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March 28, 2016
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Last year, as my contract was ending I attempted to cancel this service about 1 month prior to the end of my current contract. I was inform that, even though I did not agree to continue the service, my contract was automatically renewed for 1 year. I tried to cancel this service and for months went back and for the senior account executive, I lost and must still pay for this year.

During my arguments with them I informed them that there was a very good chance that I would be moving and I was told that if I move I can cancel the contract. WRONG, I am moving but will continue to own this property and set it up as a rental. The tenant does not wish to have the security service, but I cannot cancel service because I am not selling the property. When they tried to get me to agree to a long term contract I was told I could cancel if I moved. In my talking with this person I voice my concerns stating, in writing, that I believed that when the time came for to move I would have problems with cancellations. As it turns out, I was right.

This company has so many little I-GOT-YA's in their contract and rules, that they do not clearly explain when you deal with them. It is almost impossible to get out of dealing with them, even when you do the things asked of you, because there is always some new I-GOT-YA. It is no wonder that this business has a rating with the BBB that is in the toilet based on complaints.

PLEASE, for the sake of your Credit Score and well being do not deal with this company. They are crooks that hide behind written words that most people refer to as the "Small Print." Some of this small print is in the pamphlets and papers you get after you have already signed with them. Don't fall for this unethical practice. NOT A TRUSTWORTHY OR HONORABLE COMPANY, AT ALL.

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