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May 1, 2016

If you believe installing your own home security system is too difficult, there’s a good chance that newer systems on the market will prove you wrong. I’ve been using the Iris system by Lowe’s for a few weeks for a new home automation review, and above all what strikes me about this package is how easy it was to install and how easy it is to customize the programing. If you can setup a Facebook page you can do this.

What exactly is this? The Iris system offers basic home security and automation products that all work together with a smart phone/tablet app that integrates any of the various smart modules. Most people will begin with one of the Iris starter kits. The Safe and Secure kit includes door and motion sensors plus a keypad. The Comfort and Control kit includes a thermostat and smart plug, and the Smart Kit is a combination of the other two. All of them include the Iris hub which is necessary for any Iris system installation.

Iris works with both wireless Z-Wave and Wi-Fi devices (the hub also supports Zigbee), and while those are fairly universal protocols, not all wireless devices are made alike. That’s why Iris has its own line of products (only sold at Lowe’s and Lowes.com), which cover most devices a basic security or control system buyer would need. There are door and window contact sensors, motion detectors, surveillance cameras (indoor and out), smoke and CO2 detectors, door locks, water leak detector, a smart valve, garage door openers (coming later this year), light switches… you get it.

I started with the Smart Kit (9) which combines temperature control and basic home security. In the box is the Iris hub, a smart thermostat, two door/window contact sensors, one motion sensor, a Z-Wave extender and a smart outlet plug. If you start with this kit, you’ll probably want to pick up a few more contact sensors right away for each.

The first thing you set up is the hub. It gets connected directly to your network Wi-Fi router. It sends and receives Wi-Fi commands through your router and receives Z-Wave commands directly. The hub also has a speaker that plays announcements and alarms. Setting up the hub took just a few minutes, which involves calling in a pin number to Lowe’s to activate it. You’ll also need a credit card. While basic operation of the system requires no monthly fee, a Premium service costs $10 a month (free for your first month).

Part of the set up process will involve selecting a user name and password to access and configure different aspects of your system from a computer. The easiest thing to do is to keep a laptop with you as you’re setting everything up.

The hub’s volume is adjustable, but not adjustable enough. Alerts and simple message are all the same volume. I’d want the alarm beeps at full volume when an intruder alert is triggered, but much quieter when the system is simply confirming that I’ve armed it for the night.

The next most important part of the Iris system is the home control app, which works both on iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. With the app you can adjust, set, arm, monitor most features of the system, though some of the more involved automation features (Iris calls this Magic) can only be done at a computer.

After connecting the hub, I installed the thermostat. That went in about as easy as any other thermostat, which is to say that there are a lot of little colored wires, so make sure you get the right ones pointed to the right place. Setup of the thermostat will vary depending on the kind of heating and cooling system you have.

The Iris touchscreen thermostat allows temperature controls both at the device itself or through the app or web interface on a computer. The thermostat isn’t as cool to look at as something like the Nest, but it’s fairly thin (thinner than the old Honeywell I replaced) and doesn’t look bad. You can schedule Home, Away, Night and Vacation modes, and other standard temperature adjustments. I set mine up with very basic day and night modes. If my family gets too warm or too cold, we just pull up the app and make the change.

Source: www.electronichouse.com
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