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June 19, 2017

I initially inquired about a home security system back in September of 2014. My home already had Guardian equipment installed by the previous owner so naturally I contacted Guardian. I was verbally offered a 36 month agreement, three months of which were "free" if I signed up for service using autopay. When January 2015 rolled around I called Guardian to inquire why I had never been charged a monthly fee on my Amex, the card I told Guardian to use for automatically processing payments. Guardian informed me that due to an initial credit I was issued when service was started and the three months free promotion that I would be charged until February.

Shortly after, I became victim to fraudulent activity on my credit card. I attempted to login to Guardian Protection to update my payment method because my Amex had to be cancelled due to the aforementioned fraud. The Guardian system wouldn't allow me to access the part of their systems where payment methods are entered. So, I called. The customer care representative tried a couple times to "reset" my account without success. The proposed resolution method was for me to read my credit card number to them so they could input into their system. I was told to monitor my email for a reset option soon to come. This email never arrived. I tried again today (July 2015) to login to update my payment information. The Guardian system kept cycling me back and forth. When I tried to access the customer login page, it stated that my account was locked out due to too many access attempts.

So, I called Guardian. I was told that they would reset my account, to wait 10 minutes and try again. I hung up. I waited three hours and tried again. I was able to create a new login for the main Guardian Protection site; however, when I tried to access the payment system via the link to "make a payment" it stated that I was already an "autopay customer". I called Guardian again. This time, I stated that I initially tried to gain access to their site a few months back without success and that I was experiencing the same troubles again. Additionally, I told them that I have NEVER been able to gain access and that each time I try to change my payment method, a band aid is placed on the situation and I'm told I have to just read them my credit card number. I told her that due to recent fraudulent issues I wasn't going to give her my card information.

She assured me that she would "reset" my account to resolve the problem. I explained that the reset option was already done. She put me on hold, returned some time later and said to wait for an email indicating that my account password was reset; this email was to include a temporary password. I hung up. I did receive the email with the temporary password, but this time, the Guardian system wouldn't allow me to re-register. I called customer care again. She assured me that my account could be fixed by "resetting". I told her I've already been through that, twice today plus once back in March. I explained to this agent that I also asked for access to the system back in March without success. She put me back on hold. She told me that I should just read her my credit card numbers and I explained my recent fraudulent charge issues and that I wasn't comfortable giving her my card number... back on hold.

While on hold I continued to try to register. Criteria for password as follows... 8-32 characters, first or last character can't be numeric. Also, I was directed to change my challenge question, which I did. I tried entering all of the information, multiple times without success. When I say multiple times, I literally mean SEVERAL different options for passwords, all of which met the required criteria. The agent returned to the line and I asked to speak with a supervisor who did take over the call. She apologized and told me she could resolve the issue. I explained that I've never had access to their payment system despite multiple calls back in March and now again in July. I was fed up at this point and explained that I was fed up and just wanted to cancel. Here comes the fun part... contract.

Sandy stated there was a termination fee to cover equipment cost. I responded with the fact that I didn't receive new equipment. Rather, it was already installed in the home. It was at that point that Sandy changed her answer to me owing 30 more monthly payments at $31.95 per month. I asked her why she changed her answer from "equipment cost" to "monthly payments". She didn't have a response. I asked Sandy to read to the verbiage in the contract which covers how many times a customer should have to call about an issue before it's actually resolved. She stated she was reviewing the contract and said that she couldn't find anything covering problem resolution. She, AGAIN, asked me for my credit card information verbally over the phone. I explained my identity theft issue. I escalated the issue to Sonny, another level supervisor.

I explained the entire landscape of the situation. He explained that the termination fee applies similarly to wireless technology companies such as AT&T. I explained that AT&T termination fees apply to cover subsidy in equipment costs, not service. He then stated that unfortunately I was locked in to 30 more months of payments. I asked him to do the math... service started in September of 2014. It is now July 2015. On a 36 month contract I should owe 30 more payments. He stated that the three month free offer means that the three free months don't count towards the 36 months. (lied to by initial sales rep).

We went around for about 45 minutes. I requested the issue to be escalated higher. He did, and called me back 30 minutes later. He stated that his senior leadership team acknowledged their lack of ability to resolve the account access issues, but they firmly believe their service has been acceptable. He stated he could do something to help me get access to their online system... but at this point, I have zero faith. Here I sit in a contract that, per Sonny, doesn't now end until "March of 2018"??? How is this possible. This doesn't even make any sense! When I asked how many attempts a customer should have to make to resolve an issue before the problem is resolved, he said "one". Terrible company. I'm left with no option to have payments processed except to read them my credit card numbers and risk another fraud issue. That, or pay their $958 termination fee.

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Uniden Guardian Advanced Wireless 2-Camera Security Syst...
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