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October 1, 2016
The home security systems
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  • 3 year warranty on security equipment and 45-day equipment return policy
  • Install all security systems yourself (DIY)
  • Live technical support and videos to help you install and program your security system
  • Coupons/discounts offered regularly on their site and newsletter
  • You can purchase additional accessories to customize your alarm system
  • No contract and no monthly fee (due to lack of monitoring service)
  • Amazon seller rating of 4.9 out of 5


  • No central monitoring station (relies primarily on a very loud outdoor alarm unless you find your own monitoring company)
  • Alarm delay is 1 minute minimum vs. most systems which are 30 seconds (burglary can happen in a matter of minutes, so every second counts!)
  • Website is slow and confusing
  • Pricing for the Einstein systems is hard to understand

What Do Fortress customers think?

Now that you’ve read some of the pros and cons you can see how they have affected customers’ Fortress experience.

Positive Reviews

“This is a great home security system for the money. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars with an alarm company then this is the way to go. No contract and no monthly fees. You are not limited to just what comes with the system either. I was able to get a few extra sensors that synced right up in literally 30 seconds. The customer service is great too. I had a question with setup, called the support number and he walked me through it. Great customer service like this is hard to find nowadays.” – Health Fit Supplements, Amazon 7/18/2013

Negative Reviews

“Instructions are kind of vague and if you arm it with the remote, I couldn’t disarm it with the remote. Here I was, with the loud alarm going off so I had to go inside and disconnect it manually and turn it off manually. It is very cheesy and would have preferred to spend $200 dollars more and gotten a better product with a better reputation. I was going to return it but since I had to leave on short messages because of family emergencies, the return authorization expired so I’m stuck with and have to deal with its idiosyncrasies. So I will use it to arm my house and just plug my ears if I have to go inside and disarm it manually.” – Paulo, Amazon 7/26/2013

What Home Security Systems Does Fortress OFfer?

Fortress offers DIY (Do It Yourself) systems from three different brands: Einstein, GSM and S02. You can expand on these systems by adding additional sensors, detectors, etc. You’ll find tables below with information on all of the systems, but first here is some information you’ll want to have knowledge on before you read about the security systems.

Dials Programmed Phone Number – This means that if an alarm is triggered in your home, the system will call your designated phone number to alert you.

Separate Cellular Dialer – If “yes” is marked in this column it means that the system can call a cellphone in addition to a landline phone.

Auxiliary Booster (Internal) Siren – This siren is internal and it links up directly to the main in-home control center.

Outdoor Mega Siren – This siren uses both noise and a flashing light. It is linked to the main alarm system and will only sound if the alarm is triggered.

Outdoor (Sphere) Strobe Siren – This siren is designed to mount on an exterior wall. It flashes a light and also has a loud alarm to alert people nearby.

Pricing Differences

The pricing can change suddenly from package to package. Here are some examples:

Einstein 2 ($374.99) vs Einstein 3 ($364.99)

Differences between these two packages include:

  • $10 price difference
  • Einstein 2 has separate cellular dialer (we did not feature Einstein 2 in the table above) and Einstein 3 does not.
  • Einstein 3 has 1 glass break sensor and 1 outdoor strobe sensor while Einstein 2 has neither

So basically, you’re paying $10 extra dollars for less equipment, but you are able to receive a phone call from your system to your cellphone.

Einstein 7000 ($684.99) vs Einstein 8000 ($584.99)

  • $100 price difference
  • Einstein 7000 has 1 extra key fob and 1 extra wireless control pad than Einstein 8000
  • Einstein 8000 has a smoke detector, gas sensor, and panic button while Einstein 7000 has none

The Einstein wireless control pad must be pretty expensive for the Einstein 7000 to cost an additional $100. I would think Einstein 8000 would be more because it monitors more things (burglar, smoke, gas).

Other Products Available

Fortress Security sells other items including replacement batteries, window decals, signs, and personal protection.

Personal Attack Alarm with Strobe Light $5.99

Works for joggers, students, shift workers, etc. When you’re out, pull the pin to activate a loud siren in case of an attack.

  • 120dB siren
  • Strobe light
  • Activated by pulling pin

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