Best home burglar alarm system

December 22, 2017
Best Home burglar alarm system

DIY alarm systemOne of the biggest stumbling blocks to installing a home alarm is often not the initial installation or equipment costs, but the recurring monthly fees associated with traditional alarm systems. ( Though these fees are not exorbitant – most alarm companies charge less monthly than what you’d pay for cable TV – they do add up to a few hundred dollars per year.

What you may not know is that today’s homeowners have a second option in their home security arsenal: DIY burglar alarms. These systems are similar to what you get from a professional security company bur with two main differences: you install your system (no technician available) and there is no company monitoring of your home’s security.

Pros of a DIY Home Security System

It’s Less Expensive
A DIY home alarm has most of the system components you’re accustomed to – keypad, door sensors, window sensors, and motion sensors – and still costs less than $200 for a basic system. That’s a one-time fee, so once you purchase your system, you won’t have additional alarm expenses.

It’s Wireless
Wireless alarm systems aren’t hard-wired into your electrical system, which makes them easier to install, expand, move, upgrade, and change.

It’s Portable
If you rent or might move in the future, a DIY system is easy to uninstall and take with you to your new location. This is particularly beneficial for renters, who otherwise might not have the option for an alarm system.

Online Monitoring
Many DIY systems offer “smart home” features, which means that via an online portal or cell phone app you can adjust lights in your home, change the thermostat, and perform other adjustments – including home monitoring (depending on your system).

Cell Phone Alerts
If your security is breached, your alarm system is connected via cell phone signal to call you – and anyone else you put on your call list. Generally speaking, you’ll be asked to record a warning message that will notify 1-10 parties of the break-in. (You cannot choose 911 as one of these numbers.)

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