Alarm Systems for home no contract

June 26, 2016
No wires, no drills!

Home Monitoring ServicesThink Protection systems offer the best home alarm systems providing the highest levels of protection at the lowest prices!

We view home security differently than other companies. While other companies want to lock you into long-term contracts at high prices, Think Protection requires no annual contract and provides the lowest monthly monitoring rates in the industry!

A Think Protection home alarm system is easy to install, taking just five to 10 minutes. No technical experience is needed; if you can plug in a toaster, you can install one of our alarms. It’s literally that easy. And if you need help at any time, you can either turn to our extensive library of online tutorials or call 1-855-76-THINK and have one of our customer service reps guide you through the installation.

We make home security easy and accessible to everyone.

All of our home alarm systems come with the free Think Protection app, allowing you to remotely turn your alarm system on and off. You’ll also be able to see a full history of events.

Responsive Central StationOur monitoring is the best in the industry. Our 5-diamond certified central station provides superb response. If there’s a break-in at your home, our central station can immediately notify the authorities.

Think Protection offers monitoring through your broadband Internet connection. This monitoring is highly reliable and allows our central station to quickly respond. You can also add a second tier of cellular monitoring at any time. This provides an unmatched signal for service, allowing you to send an alarm signal when needed.

You can add additional pieces of equipment any time, including video cameras, smoke detectors, carbon dioxide detectors, keypads, additional motion detectors and door contacts, Simply order through the Think Protection website or by calling 1-855-76-THINK.

Think Protection home-security systems also offer full home automation capabilities, allowing you to add thermostats, door locks, smart light bulbs and garage door openers, all of which can be controlled through the Think Protection app. You can get home automation either when you first sign up or add it at any time.


Think Protection has different types of home security monitoring services available. Broadband
Think Protection’s home security systems are monitored through the premise’s internet connection…

Central Station

Think Protection has a 5-Diamond Central Station providing customers with the highest level of alarm monitoring. Our award-winning response is regarded as one of the best in the industry…

Home Automation

Home automation is the ability to control certain features of your home through your smartphone or tablet. Think Protection is proud to offer various home automation services with our…

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